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Another Name Change!

This name change, whilst completed with all the best intentions, gave the perception that the Society no longer supported the Royal Air Force. This is certainly not the case, and it is our aim to support all the Armed Forces to the best of our abilities. The Society...

The 70’s

For example, Mr Burrell from the Seamen’s Christian Friend Society wrote, “Thanks to the co-operation I have always received from your Society, I have distributed Scriptures to men from all over the world. Indeed, when one thinks of the many lands now...

A New Home

During this period the average annual distribution was as follows: 4,000 Bibles 20,000 New Testaments 45,000 Gospels, Booklets and Handbooks

1980 – 2004

Even though incomes had reduced the Society still managed to support requests throughout the period and approximate distributions were as follows: 100,000 Bibles 500,000 Testaments 2,500,000 Gospels, Booklets and Handbooks

A New Name and New Opportunities

In July 1961, the Rev Gerald Groves CBE became the Chairman of the then NMAFBS, he was the first President of the Central Church of the RAF – St Clement Danes. Also, at this time the Society had new opportunities: With National Service ceasing, the work with the...