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Crimea 1854, A letter from a Field Officer of the Royal Artillery who wrote, “I greatly rejoiced when I received the magnificent supply of 1000 New Testaments for the supply of Artillerymen ordered to Turkey……they have been distributed……other Battalions and 2 additional Companies for the Battalion train are being got ready  for embarkation — the strength will be rather less than the first force and I would be grateful for a further 1,000 New Testaments.” The second thousand were sent!

The 3 China Wars: Wherever the British fighting men went, the NMBS was quick to follow. At the 1863 Annual Meeting, Captain Fishbourne announced that supplies had been sent for distribution to various hospitals and to places on the China Station. The 1874 report states 9,000 Scriptures were sent to that station.

The Ashanti Expedition: Free grants were given to this expedition.