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Copyright Acknowledgment


The Naval & Military Bible Society uses photographs generated, or provided, by its staff or governing members.


Photographs have also been obtained from unsplash.com, copyright acknowledgement is not required, however, the following photographs are from that site

Home Page: Fireworks by Trust “Tru” Katsande (Marching Solders by Roberto Catarinicchia)


Website Terms and Conditions: Container Ship by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


History Timeline: Fisherman photo by Lalo


Associated Organisations: Merchant Ship at Sunset photo by Evelyn Céspedes


Ship Prow by Daniel van den Berg


Some photographs have been obtained from MoD sources and this public sector information is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. All Crown Copyright:


Home Page: HMS Queen Elizabeth 2 – MoD #45162784 2018

About Us Page: Who We Are: HMS Queen Elizabeth 2 – MoD #45163787 2018 Queen’s Royal Hussars – MoD #45161764 2016


Our People: Chinook in an FOB – MoD #45156057 2013


Outreach Stories and Testimonies: HMS Victorious – MoD #45159449 2013; Royal Marine Commando Training – MoD #45153420 2011


Donations Giving: Typhoon Refueling – MoD #45158458 2015


Making a Gift: Remembrance Kandahar – MoD#45158288 2014


Thank You For Your Donation: Wildcat – MoD#45164394 2018


History Timeline: HMS Victory – MoD #45143807 2004; Crimea War Medal – MoD #45148631 2004; Sopwith Camel – MoD #45163647; 1918; HMS Fiji WW2 Cruiser – MoD #45140251 c1943; Meteor – MoD #45163715; 1945 Amport House – MoD #45154000 2012; HMS Implacable – MoD #45139827 c1954; HMS Aurora – MoD #45140164 c1975; Harrier GR3 Falklands – MoD #45163716 1982; Op Telic Service Campaign Medal – MoD #45150667 2005, Chaplain and Crucifix – MoD # 45152622 2011; Chaplain and Cross – MoD # 45152743 2011


Material for Download: Mastiff – MoD #45153082 2011


Personal Account Page: HMS Protector – MoD #45156394 2013; Challenger Gun Firing – MoD #45163304 2017


Participant Rules: Hercules at Night – MoD #45159133 2015


Privacy Policy: HMS Protector – MoD #45158384 2015


Copyright and Acknowledgements: Goal Keeper Gun with Aurora Borealis – MoD #45143776 2004  


Other photograph acknowledgements:


Timeline: West Street Chapel; By Philafrenzy – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50409107


Mutiny on the Bounty Painting


Mutiny on the Bounty Picture


Wilberforce Painting


Wellington Painting


Napoleon Painting