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Associated Organisations

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Armed Forces Christian Union

The Armed Forces’ Christian Union (AFCU), is an interdenominational, tri-service fellowship of Christians who wish to grow in their faith and share it with those with whom they serve. It seeks to encourage and build up Christians in the Armed Forces in their faith and to support evangelism and does this by producing literature, providing prayer support for serving members, organising activities and teaching holidays and weekends, and by personal visits.

Military Mission International

Military Ministries International helps Christians in the military to make a difference throughout many of the world’s trouble spots.
We are helping many of today’s military Christians be a force for good at an international level and our motto is Building Disciples – Shaping Nations. They seek to achieve their mission though facilitating conferences, seminars, retreats, symposiums, training events and the like at local, national, regional and international level throughout the regions we operate in: Africa, Europe South Asia and The Middle East.

Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association

SASRA’s Ministry is one of personal evangelism. Uniquely they are permitted, subject to Chaplain’s recommendation and Commanding Officers’ permission to visit soldiers and airmen in their accommodation, work and recreation areas. This is done with a view to befriending them and introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Merchant Seafarers

International Christian Maritime Association

NMBS is a member of ICMA, which is a free association of more than 30 Christian not-for-profit organisations working for the welfare of seafarers around the world, founded in 1969, ICMA currently represents more than 450 seafarers’ centres and 900 chaplains in approximately 125 countries. 

ICMA is called to promote unity, peace and tolerance. The association works ecumenically, showing unconditional love to all seafarers regardless of nationality, religion, culture, gender or ethnic origin and it respects their personal values and beliefs. Additionally, ICMA cooperates with other institutions to advance maritime welfare.


ICMA Members

Apostleship of the Sea

The Apostleship of the Sea is a Catholic charity supporting seafarers worldwide. They provide practical and pastoral care to all seafarers, regardless of nationality, belief or race. Their port chaplains and volunteer ship visitors welcome seafarers, offer welfare services and advice, practical help, care and friendship. The Apostleship of the Sea in Great Britain is part of an international network known to the maritime world as Stella Maris, working in 318 ports with 217 port chaplains around the world. 90% of world trade is transported by ship. However the life of a modern seafarer can be dangerous and lonely. They may spend up to a year at a time away from home, separated from their family and loved ones and often working in harsh conditions.

Sailors’ Society

Founded more than 200 years ago in 1818, Sailors’ Society is a Christian charity supporting and caring for an often forgotten group of people. They are multi-denominational in terms of outlook, as are our trustees, staff and the service we provide. They reach out to seafarers where they work – on board the huge variety of cargo and cruise ships and take them practical services like phone cards to connect with loved ones at home, the latest newsprint in many languages and access to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Present at many of the key ports around the world, there chaplains and volunteers assist hundreds of thousands of seafarers each year; extending a hand of friendship, hospitality and pastoral care to all we meet regardless of rank or circumstance. As part of their mission, they provide a wide spectrum of support services – chaplaincy, spiritual guidance and counsel, provision of welfare support to seafarers and their families, assistance with continuing maritime education and, in dire need, financial help.



BeaconLight equips Christians world-wide to know Jesus better and make Him known. BeaconLight encourages Christians in leadership, the workplace and the home to live out what the Bible teaches and share its truths with others.

Bible Reading Fellowship

Seeing lives and communities transformed: The BRF are people who are passionate about making a difference through the Christian faith, and we want to see lives and communities transformed as a result. They offer creative programmes and resources for individuals, churches and schools, and our work resources Christian growth and understanding of the Bible by people of all ages, churches for outreach in the local community, the teaching of Christianity within primary schools and children’s and family ministry in churches.

Flame International

Flame International is a UK based charity with a vision to see people set free from the pain and trauma of war, terror or oppression.  Their mission is to release God’s healing, forgiveness and reconciliation to individuals and their land: healing, equipping, training, and supporting local leaders to make a positive and sustainable impact upon their communities and nations. They are a Christ-centred organisation and seek to follow Him and discern the Father’s plan for their work.


Methodist Forces Board

The Methodist Forces Board is responsible for a growing number of pastoral projects across the UK military.  These projects support local chaplains to extend their contact with service personnel and their families and our workers collaborate  with the local chaplaincy team. Their aim is to deliver reliable and compassionate Christian pastoral care to all, regardless of religion or belief.  Each project is shaped by local factors, and has a particular focus – for instance, one is focused on children and young people of military families, another on families of serving personnel.



UCCF: The Christian Unions

Christian Unions are mission teams that operate at the heart of university and college campuses.  They are led by students, resourced by Christian Union Staff Workers and supported by the local church. Together, we are reaching students for Jesus.