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Projects in the Pipeline

Royal Navy New Testament and Psalms NIV

Royal Naval Chaplains distribute NMBS Bibles to many recipients in a wide variety of locations. This project to print 5,000 New Testament and Psalms includes 2,500 ‘Surface Fleet’ variant destined to fulfil the annual requirement at HMS Raleigh in Plymouth. The MoD no longer provides funds for such spiritual needs and the NMBS is in the process of procuring funds for this project.

Seafarers' English Bible

This project is to provide a high quality resource to seafarers’ chaplains from maritime Christian mission organisations throughout the world. The Bible is being produced in association with the International Christian Mission Association. Funding to begin this project has been requested.

ATC and RN Sub-Surface New Testament and Psalms NIV

A second tranche of New Testament and Psalms will be produced later in the year a majority of these 5,000 will be for the Air Training Corps. A draft ATC design is depicted above. As a reprint of the Royal Navy Sub-Surface NTP is also required consideration is being given to making this a commemorative issue, acknowledging the 50th Anniversary of the UK’s sub-surface nuclear deterrent. This edition could include a picture of Vanguard Class submarine on the cover and a picture of a HMS Resolution on the rear cover.

Seafarers' Diglot New Testaments

This series New Testament and Psalms follows on from the Seafarers’ Full Bible and provided as a diglot layout. The first two published will be English and Tagalog along with English and Mandarin, with further languages to follow. Funding requests are being actively pursued.

'Worldview' Booklet Series

This booklet series aims to explore the concept of worldview in an accessible non-academic manner. It asks such questions as ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where do I live?’, ‘What’s the Problem?’ and ‘Where am I Going?’. The booklets are aimed to be used both by individuals and in group settings. This project is in development and is, currently, unfunded.

Cadet's Prayer Book Reprint

The Cadet’s Prayer Book reprint initiative has been funded through a generous donation by Aldershot Church of England Services Trust. This reprint aims to keep the structure of the current Prayer Book, but produce 3 versions tailored to the Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force and The Sea Cadets. These new booklet should be available in the second quarter of 2019.