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During this period there are many testimonies of the Society giving out Scriptures on many occasions. The desire for Bibles was strong when very few were to be found out in areas of conflict, or, in defensive positions, such as the 74 Martello Towers around the English coast. An officer commanding a troop of Horse Artillery wrote that the greater part of his men had requested permission to set apart a portion of their pay for the benefit of the Society. Another officer wrote from onboard a frigate at Spithead that most of the Seamen and the whole of the Marines had voluntarily subscribed one day’s pay for the same purpose. At the memorable battle of Waterloo, many English soldiers carried the brass clasp bound Bibles of the Naval and Military Bible Society.

After an uncertain start in the late 1700’s, by 1830 the Society was in good fettle, having a President, 17 Vice-Presidents, 38 Life Governors and 6 Annual Governors and a further 33 Committee members. It was also noted, “There also clergymen and other ministers who are members of the Society!”